Behind all the noise, almost none of us really cares about the deficit  (4% in the latest poll).

Only 31% of us oppose the president’s contraception mandate policyThe Catholic bishops never wanted a solution, they just wanted a battle.

“‘Santorum is the next George Washington.’ – Glenn Beck” the ad reads.  Really?  The same Washington who favored a strong central government, who favored direct government involvement in the economy, who created the nation’s first tax and who put down a tax rebellion by force?  That George Washington?  For a group who screams its fidelity to the Founders, the Right sure doesn’t know much American history.

Koch-funded think tank’s plan to teach kids the “controversy” about climate change.

the Heartland Institute, a right-wing think tank funded by the Koch brothers, Microsoft, and other top corporations, is planning to develop a “global warming curriculum” for elementary schoolchildren that presents climate science as “a major scientific controversy.” This effort, at a cost of $100,000 a year, will be developed by Dr. David E. Wojick, a coal-industry consultant.

OK, this is funny.

Under our socialist president who, according to Mitt, is making the recession worse, the Dow hit its 4-year high and NASDAQ hit its 11-year high.

The favorable/unfavorable chart that must keep Mitt awake at night.

Under our socialist president who, according to Mitt, is making the recession worse

 Chrysler posted its first profit more than a decade in last year and expects those profits to continue growing in 2012. It has added 9,400 jobs since its rescue and plans to add 1,600 more at a plant in Illinois this year, and the success of Chrysler and General Motors has helped American automakers control more than half of the industry’s market share. The industry has hired enough workers to make up for all those laid off during the recession, and American and foreign automakers plan to add 167,000 jobs at American plants this year.

Another reason to recall him  Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker is highjacking funds from the national mortgage settlement “to balance his budget deficit rather than put the money into mortgage mediation programs and foreclosure relief across the state.”

The Extremist File (of a particularly tasteless sort)

Virginia state Del. Bob Marshall … is really going the extra mile in his opposition to federal health care reform law, saying the individual mandate to buy health insurance is “akin to forcible economic rape.”

The Extremist file (this one is grotesque) Fox pundit says women service members should “expect” sexual assault and complained about levels of bureaucracy that support women who have been “raped too much.”

Washington legalizes same-sex marriage.

Under our socialist president who, according to Mitt, is making the recession worse

Over the past two years, our businesses have added over 3.7 million new jobs. Our manufacturers are hiring more new workers to make more new things here in America than at any time since the 1990s.

Behind the “1000 days without a budget” canard.

Budget resolutions don’t have the force of law, and they aren’t the legislative tool that mandates what the government can and can not spend. That’s what appropriations bills are for, and for the last 1000 days Democrats and Republicans have worked together, however acrimoniously, to devise spending plans for the government.

…But the much more important fact Republicans have left out is that the Senate passed a budget on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis last summer — one that unlike an annual “budget resolution” has the force of law behind it. The Budget Control Act — the law that resolved the debt limit fight — set binding appropriations caps for this fiscal year and the next and instituted a mechanism to contain spending on domestic discretionary programs — education, research, community health programs and the like — through the next decade.

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