The Extremist File  Just how disgusting is Roger Ailes?  You won’t believe such a creature still exists.

Maher on the Right’s unprecedented disrespect of Obama.

But there is something about this president that makes conservatives think it’s okay to go ape shit in his presence. They didn’t do this Carter, an actual pacifist, or Clinton who really did have a plan for universal health care, or LBJ, who actually made it easier for poor people to vote and eat. All of them clearly, evil America haters, but they got treated with a modicum of respect, at least to their faces.

Not Obama. What can it be that’s different about him?

Little Ricky takes climate change denialism to a whole new level.

Drill Baby Drill just isn’t working.

The number of rigs in U.S. oil fields has more than quad­rupled in the past three years to 1,272, according to the Baker Hughes rig count. Including those in natural gas fields, the United States now has more rigs at work than the entire rest of the world.

So why’s the price of gas still so high?  Another Republican myth busted.  (Along with the two wars in Iraq were going to bring down the price of gas. Next up: Keystone.)

Note to Wisconsin’s GOP:  When four federal judges suggest you go back to the drawing board, your redistricting plan is in deep trouble

Just for fun.  A little Ricky image made entirely of images from gay porn.

How little Ricky ripped off American veterans

as a US senator, Santorum engineered a controversial land deal that robbed the military’s top veterans’ home of tens of millions of dollars and worsened the deteriorating conditions at the facility.

Just sayin’  “Obama, while avoiding rhetorical drama, has actually done more to stop Iran than the Bush Administration ever did.”

The American aristocracy  A chart showing how dependent super-pacs are on huge donations from a tiny few

Little Ricky’s lies about air pollution

What cleaned up Pittsburgh was: first, the Clean Air Act, signed into law by a Republican president (Nixon), and second, the collapse of the domestic steel industry. Most of our steel production was shipped overseas, so Pittsburgh’s air did clear up — but at the cost of American jobs.

This road looks familiar

 Is Graham suggesting the president who killed Bin Laden and shattered al-Qaeda is soft of radical Islamic terrorism? Yes, he is. He’s saying the president hasn’t sufficiently restricted the Islamic religion here and abroad, but what he’s really saying is that President Obama is helping terrorism. The first thing shouldn’t be done in the first place and the second thing, the implication, is an outright lie.

Indictable boy  A new theme song for Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) (hats off to my friend Peter)

Now that you mention it, Newt, when he comes to legal matters, Obama is superior to the Pope.

The Extremist File  One of Indiana’s GOPers says the Girl Scouts sell cookies, sex, abortion, Communism, and a lesbian agenda — in cahoots with Planned Parenthood and a “radically pro-abortion” Michelle Obama.

Another myth busted.  Remember how the Right said Obamacare would “topple” the stock market?

How Mitt is violating his own moral edict

8 Rightwing myths busted

Sorry Jesus Christ, hate to break it to you, but Little Ricky says there’s no such thing as a liberal Christian.  Take your love your enemy, turn the other cheek, feed the hungry, and free health care theology and hit the road.

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