The extremist ID test

  • If you refuse to have your kids vaccinated….
  • If you think states have the ability to nullify federal law….
  • If you vote against fluoridating your water supply….
  • If you really worried that Obama would change the words of the national anthem or take “In God we Trust” off our currency….
  • If you think that “America isn’t American anymore” because extremists from the other side vote for what they believe in….
  • If you oppose doing something, even if it’s the right thing, because one or more corporations will profit from it….
  • If you think an Assault Weapons Ban “gives jackbooted Government thugs more power to take away our constitutional rights, break in our doors, seize our guns, destroy our property and even injure and kill us”…
  • If you feel sorry for your food….
  • If you believe international cooperation to achieve environmental sustainability is paving the way for the entire planet to be controlled by a central bureaucracy under which: humans would be cleared out of vast swaths of settled areas and instructed to live in “hobbit homes” in designated “human habitation zones,” the only kind of transportation available would be public transportation, governments would force contraception on their citizens to control the population level, and human life would be considered no more significant than that of a manatee….
  • If you think that requiring manufacturers to make energy-efficient lightbulb varieties is an affront to American values….
  • If you try to control what other people do with their stinky parts….
  • If you display any Confederate flag in any way….
  • If you think there is a spy drone in the sky watching you in your backyard….
  • If you think the federal government feels constrained in any way by the fact that Skeeter in Southswamp, Georgia, owns an AR-15….
  • If you think paying taxes is the same thing as slavery….
  • If you still think there is any doubt that the globe is heating up or that human activity is a driver….
  • If you resent it when government or business communicates with people in a language other than English….
  • If you think that the president is a socialist, fascist, communist or any twisted combination thereof….
  • If you question the president’s birthplace and citizenship….
  • If you think Obama is intending to create a “new” military, as strong as the U.S. military, answerable only to him….
  • If you think the president is a Muslim or is plotting with Muslims to attack the U.S…..
  • If you think the government has people reading your email and listening to your calls….
  • If you’re supporting bills that would make it harder to strip public schools of race-based nicknames and allow schools already ordered to drop such monikers to keep them….
  • If you think President Obama is plotting a way to stay in office beyond the end of his second term….
  • If you think you should have a say in whom other people love and marry….
  • If you think that Muslims are covertly implementing Sharia Law in American court systems….
  • If you believe there is a secret society such as Skull and Bones that produces America’s political and financial leaders to serve the wealthy elite….
  • If you compare opponents to Hitler or the anti-Christ…
  • If you think voter fraud is a real problem in America…..
  • If you think that businesses have the “right” to deny service to people based on race, religion or sexual orientation….
  • If you suspend an 8-year-old  student because you think pointing a finger and saying “pew, pew” while playing cops and robbers is “an act of violence”….
  • If you think a group of world bankers are slowly eliminating paper currency to force most banking online – only to cut the power grid so regular citizens can’t access money and are forced into worldwide slavery….
  • If you think racism and sexism are no longer powerful factors in our culture….
  • If you’re equating the Holocaust with the raising of broiler chickens or the “enslavement” of circus animals with the slavery of African-Americans in the United States….
  • If you believe the U.S. government engages in so-called “false flag” operations, where the government plans and executes terrorist or mass shooting events and blames those actions on others….
  • If your first reaction to a tragic shooting is either to comment on the “violent rhetoric” of your political opposition, to warn that someone is coming to take away all guns, or to proclaim, once again, your dying fidelity to your guns….
  • If you think you, as en employer, have the “right” to impose your morals on your employees….
  • If you think the government is secretly plotting to take away all guns….
  • If you support giving full legal and constitutional rights to fertilized eggs….
  • If you think that people standing in a group and singing songs is a reason to tackle, handcuff, arrest, jail, and fine the singers….
  • If you think it’s a good day when children living in poverty cannot get government nutritional assistance….
  • If only 23% of Americans believe your party is “in touch with the concerns of most people in the United States today,” and 70$ believe that it is “out of touch”….
  • If you’re calling for assassination, secession or insurrection….
  • If you think corporations are people and have constitutional rights….
  • If you think there is never a good reason to use military strength….
  • If your first reaction to international crises is to think of using military strength….
  • If you think money is the same thing as free speech….
  • If when you see, hear or read news that contradicts your assumptions or view, you immediately think it’s either a “liberal lamesteam media” conspiracy or a “military-industrial-complex” conspiracy….
  • If you think the rules of your religion should be the law of the land….
  • If the preponderance of scientific evidence contradicts your view, you question to motives of the scientists conducting the studies and gathering and analyzing the data….
  • If you have to gerrymander voting districts and disenfranchise millions of voters to win elections….
  • If you think it’s OK for an armed, full-grown man to pursue and kill an unarmed boy….
  • If you’re willing to shut down the government over women’s access to contraception….
  • If you think a law to make sure most people can get health insurance (in a market-based system  built on the fundamental premises of individual responsibility and the power of competition to control costs and stop waste) — that was invented by your own party 24 years ago, was introduced by your party as a bill 20 years ago, then again 19 years ago, and again 6 years ago, was a central issue in two presidential elections (with the supporter winning both), closely resembles the signature achievement of your own presidential candidate, was passed by both houses of Congress after eight months of debate and negotiation, was signed by the president, was declared constitutional by a Supreme Court  controlled by your party, and has survived 67 (and counting) legislative attempts to kill it – is illegal, unconstitutional, and warrants both shutting down the government and forcing it to default on its debts, jeopardizing the economic recovery, and a trigger for “Armageddon” (especially if you, personally, enjoy government-guaranteed health insurance)….

….you’re an extremist.  Get real.

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One Response to The extremist ID test

  1. Linda Zielinski says:

    I agree with you except for the first 2. Everyone would be better educated and informed IF they took the time to really research fluoride and vaccines. Check into the way that fluoride became common in our water supplies. You just might be a tad bit outraged. It is similar to how Aspartame got approval. Vaccinating kids and adults carries a huge responsibility. As a a retired Medical Assistant one of my jobs was to give kids and adults their injections. I am still appalled how many times I handed out the CDC vac. sheets before administering the shots and the parents didn’t even bother to read them. They just blindly accepted that if the doctor recommended the shots then they must be OK and they were fine with 2, 4 and 6 month old babies receiving up to 5 shots per visit……I had alot more respect for the parents who either refused shots or asked that they receive only one or 2 per visit and customized the recommended vac. schedule by choosing specific immunizations rather then blindly getting all of them. Also many people are not aware that even the CDC says that they have no studies comparing vaccinated to UNvaccinated kids. So how can they make the safety and immunity claims that they do. For a balanced and informative vac. site I strongly recommend going to

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