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Was there a contest to see who could cram the most old and moldy lies into a single Facebook post?

This painfully stupid viral email from 14 years ago is now gaining a lot of traction on Facebook as a post by a dentist named Howard Farran.  It draws cheers from people who apparently skipped out of high school civics class.  If … Continue reading

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Muslims in America, the inconvenient truth

Paul Revere is alive! He rides the airwaves, newsprint and Internet this time, awakening us to a new danger invading our homeland, a new enemy coming to destroy our nation:  Muslims!  The trouble is, our modern would-be midnight riders are … Continue reading

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No, America is not turning Right

As pundits, semi-journalists, politicians, and that hyper-opinionated guy posting on your Facebook page stumble through their painfully uninformed and shallow analyses of “what just happened” in the 104 midterm election — all coming to the conclusion that Americans are all … Continue reading

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